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I have been sewing since the 8th grade but more or less not that well. I made tons of cosplays back in the day my first big costume was selfmade in 2005. I took a long break in costume making and worked on dolls instead, recently coming back to costume sewing in 2022. Here you can see a bit of progress of my newest costumes.

My first ever self made costume from 2005 vs my biggest main costume from 2023

All my costumes start with me making sketches of the outfits I want to do, a lot of research will follow, sometimes even during the sewing progress to check on details over and over again. The pattern will follow, usually my pattern are all self made, sometimes with the help of tutorials if I can't figure something out or I use my own cloth as rough reference, sometimes I even can reuse old pattern or remake doll sized ones in human size.

Allen Walker (D.Gray-man) Runaway Outfit (Coat)
This costume consisted mainly of the coat I needed to sew, I already made several coats like this in dollsize therefore it was done in a few days.

Allen Walker (D.Gray-man) 1st Black Order Uniform
The costume took me almost 3 weeks of continued work to be done, I made even the buttons from scratch, Alu casted them for me, I worked on them further. A lot went also into research of details as some change or aren't visible with Allen but the other Exorcist Uniforms.

Red (D.Gray-man)
My first not full body/masked costume since 2012, it was very fun to work on and I was done within a few days. It actually has the first ever human sized pants I made with a working closure. I was able to use a lot of techniques I had learned during my work with the dolls.

Moku (Korok) - The Legend of Zelda
Last Costume I made before the pandemic hit, it's from 2018. My second full body suit but this time not an animal but a mythicial creature. I allowed myself a bit of artistic freedom here. The major work was the head.

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