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This site is a bit different than the others that's why its listed on the bottom of the menue. I am not really into creating new recipes or real food blogging but I enjoy making food as form of self care. For long years I had little to no idea how to cook but in 2021 I decided to learn everything about nutrition and cooking from scratch again and am constantly learning new things.

This is just a glimpse of things I have enjoyed through the last years, not meant to be copied but of course can be used as inspiration. Sometimes I eat more, sometimes less, as said this is just a glimpse from the last months as I use this as another creative outlet I wanted to feature my cooking attempts & food photography (on the go) on the site as well.

Not to mention I am super interested in tasting new interesting food and do collect cook books, my diet is very plant based but I also eat diary and eggs, sometimes fish, but just don't do well with meat, I very rarely have some (I consider myself a flexitarian). I usually cook from scratch and meal prep in a small fashion, I try to balance my meals and have lots of greens and fruit. Of course I have my favorite comfort foods and I do not forbid myself any food, I like to have a wide variety. I just don't eat things I don't like or can't digest well (like meat).

This is just a very brief overview!

Examples for breakfasts.

Examples for Snacks
I usually do snacks between breakfast and dinner, sometimes even after dinner as during work week I don't have the time to have a real lunch, I usually live off a smoothie (which consists of 2 types of fruit, 3 types of veggies, skyr/yogurt, spices, sometimes seeds and tea as liquid). The snacks other than smoothies are different every day, my favorites are fruit, veggies, rice cakes. Sometimes it's pudding or cheese, crackers, pretzel bites, whatever I feel like. Sometimes i substitute for a cake slice or a chocolate bar.
I drink an unholy amount of water mainly, and tea. Lots of tea. I don't like coffee, therefore black tea is my kick for caffeine.

Examples for Dinners
My dinners are my biggest meal a day and I love to test around but have some staple recipes I come back to once in a while. My favorites are of course pasta recipes, but also soups, baked veggies, curries and one pot meals. I do not have that much time to actually cook after work i usually do the more complicated dishes on weekends or prepare them during the weekend.

Examples for Prepping
Just a small insight, I am not that much into food prepping in the hardcore way but I do like to make batch cooking or preparing things I just need to warm up the next days or can come back to later on during the week by just getting it out of the freezer. Also I like to bake. Cookies and treats are such a fun thing to prepare but I only do it when I know I can share because I need forever to eat big batches of food.

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