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I have been cosplaying since 2004, this page only shows my most recent costumes and a hand full of older ones I am still very proud of. I did many, many more. Some were more living for the part of acting as the character, some just to celebrate the love for the character or series in general.

Allen Walker (Crown Clown) - D.Gray-man

Convention: planned for Dokomi 2024
Others: First time making claws, first time working with EVA Foam and Foam Clay, selfmade

Allen Walker (Chapter 249/Blue Coat) - D.Gray-man

Convention: private photoshoot / Leipziger Bookfair 2024
Photographer:Lightbringer Creations
Others: Pants, Shirt, Waistcoat & Coat selfmade

Allen the Dog - D.Gray-man

Convention: private photoshoot / Carnival 2024
Others: Kigurumi selfmade

Allen Walker (1st Uniform) / casual Allen - D.Gray-man

Convention: Connichi 2023, Wolfscon 2023, Anime Festival Kassel 2023, Leipziger Bookfair 2024
Photographer:Lightbringer Creations
Others: Uniform completely selfmade, boots & casual attire were bought / Attended Cosplay Contest Anime Festival Kassel 2023

Nea D. Campbell - D.Gray-man

Convention: Private Photoshooting, Connichi 2023, Nicon 2023
Photographer:Lightbringer Creations
Others: Wig is actually form my 2012 Amon Cosplay

Allen Walker (Runaway)- Ver 02 - D.Gray-man

Convention: Polaris 2023, Leipzig Bookfair 2024
Photographer: Lightbringer Creations
Others: Upgraded variant, new selfmade coat, new waistcoat

Allen Walker (Runaway)- Ver 01 - D.Gray-man

Convention: Private Photoshootings; Leipziger Bookfair 2023 (variant)
Photographer:Lightbringer Creations
Others: -

Red (child!Allen Walker) - D.Gray-man

Convention: Connichi 2022; Private Photoshootings; Leipziger Bookfair 2023, Connichi 2023
Photographer:Lightbringer Creations
Others: Completely Selfmade; no wig

Allen Walker (3rd Uniform) - D.Gray-man

Convention: Connichi 2022; Private Photoshooting; Anime Festival Kassel 2023
Photographer:Lightbringer Creations
Others: Bought 2nd Hand

Past!Allen Walker (Fanon) - D.Gray-man

Convention: Private Photoshooting; Leipziger Bookfair 2023, Connichi 2023 (briefly), Leipziger Bookfair 2024
Photographer:Lightbringer Creations/Laurwen
Others: Inspired by my own One Shot "Silent Night"; No wig

Moku (Korok) - Legend of Zelda

Convention: Connichi 2018, Connichi 2019, Private Photoshooting
Photographer: Laurwen
Others: Completely self sewn, 2nd full body suit

Sparky - Frankenweenie (2012)

Convention: Connichi 2012, EuroFurence 2013
Photographer: AraDolls
Others: Completely self sewn, 1st full body suit

Amon - The Legend of Korra

Convention: Connichi 2012, Private Photoshooting
Photographer: AraDolls
Others: Completely self sewn, First Full Mask Cosplay

Old Costumes

Here is a rough list of what characters I have cosplayed over the years, I started in 2004 and this list might be missing some characters or the order is not accurate, it has been .. a lot.

Hiroshi Nagano - Concert (Gravitation)
Cain Hargreaves - main casual (Count Cain/God Child)
Lute - Marionette Version (Violinst of Hameln)
Sobi Agatsuma - Volume Cover (Loveless)
Laurie Laurence - Main Vol 1, Main Vol 2, Casual Variants, Child, Sleepwear, Sailor Dress (Losing Neverland)
Shinya - main (Losing Nevereland)
Ernestine - main (Losing Neverland)
Amy Laurence - main (Losing Neverland)
Colline Philips - Finding Neverland/Wendy (Losing Neverland)
Jiri - main (Cave Canem)
Misa Amane - Diorama box (Death Note)
Bellatrix Lestrange - Azkaban (Harry Potter)
Charlie Weasley - Uniform (Harry Potter)
Ninja Uniform, 3 Variants - OC (Website)
Gwindel - main (The Royal Doll's Orchestra)
Ikuto - Death Rebel (Shugo Chara)
Romi - Fall dress (Memento Mori)
March Hare/Jeremiah Farnsworth (OC)
Chocolat Meilleur - Witchworld (Sugar Sugar Rune)
Henrietta - Black Dress (South Park)
Mimi Tachikawa - Adventure 01 (Digimon)
Team Plasma Grunt - Black/White 01 (Pokémon)
Ririko Benibana - main (Monokuro Kitan)
Saiko Yonebayashi - casual Otaku (Tokyo Ghoul:re)
Amon - masked (Legend of Korra)
Sparky (Frankenweenie 2012)
Moku - Korok, Gijinka (Legend of Zelda)
Allen Walker - 3rd Uniform, Runaway Outfit, casual, 1st Uniform, Blue Outfit, Crown Clown (D.Gray-man)
Red - main (D.Gray-man)
Past!Allen Walker - main (D.Gray-man)
Nea D. Campbell - main (D.gray-man)
Allen the Dog - Kigurumi (D.Gray-man)

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