My name is Mana, I was born in the end of the 1980s and live in the centre of Europe. I am working full time as teacher and creating art is my biggest passion.

Ever since I can think I was drawing, writing or crafting things, this continued all my life. Within the years new art skills and materials came into my posession and a big artistic porfolio has been build.

My main focus is the creation of Original Characters along with drawing, writing, crafting for my original creations, my favorite customizing material are Ball Jointed Dolls which I buy and customize to fit my characters or collaborate with other artists to bring my vision to life.
Other than that I also recreate characters from fandoms in 3D. This is also possible by writing, drawing, sewing or even cosplay.

For the longest time (since the early 2000s) I have been bulding websites around my passions and started featuring my Doll Projects on its own porfolio since 2007. But as my range of artistic skills is more than just owning dolls I decided to extend this website.

In the former years this site was also reachable under the Domain and, in case anyone remember those names and they are still featured in my project blog. The Blog is the center piece of the website and documentates my artistic development since 2014. Through the tagging system everything is easy to access and find.

My artistic portfolio ranges from sewing, to writing, to crafts like building diorama/displays, sculpting, modding, photography (event, objects, landscape, animals), character creation and many more, I try to challenge myself day by day, my biggest challenge is to take weekly photos ever since 2015 and have not stopped yet. For dolls I paint, blush, mod them, sew for them, make wigs and whatever comes to my mind, I have yet to find the end of my artistic abilities.

I do not offer any kind of customizing services or take commissions in those regards, please refer to other artists. My art is and always will be just a form to express myself for myself.

The main theme is "Circus" but there are plenty more themes that are included my my collection. You can use the menue on the right to navigate through the themes and reach the different doll profiles, each profile will tell you different details about the dolls.

All my dolls are bought from legit resources and were created by loving artists. Since I started collecting in 2007 my collection grew quite huge over the years.

If you have any questions regarding my dolls you can either contact me trough my social media sites
or my email address creator at poupeesdecirque dot com.
Please do not repost my art and do not remove my watermark. My doll's characters are not free for roleplaying (except the ones based on existing Series or Shows since I don't own these), kinning or similar. If you like my work please just point people to this website. My characters are free to draw, I really appreciate fanart of any form if you inform me about it ^_^

My dolls featured by their creators:

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Willow featured by DollChateau (Instagram)
Willow featured by DollZone/Chateau (Tumblr)
Willow featured by DollZone (Tumblr)
Willow featured by DollZone/Chateau (Twitter)
Oleander featured by ElementDolls (Instagram)

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